Here to build a better future

Simon Fraser University is stepping up to build a sustainable, resilient and inclusive economic recovery. Our faculty, students and staff are engaged with people and organizations in Canada and around the world to drive innovation, improve public health, fight climate change, promote democracy, and create exciting new economic opportunities. In these, and so many other ways, we’re here to help shape a better future for everyone.

We help prepare for future pandemics. SFU mathematician Caroline Colijn and her team at the Canadian Network for Modelling Infectious Disease model pandemics to keep people healthy and save lives.

We improve global public health. Research Fellow Julianne Piper studies the impacts of COVID-19 at international borders and the strategies to address them.

We work with First Nations to advance health and wellness. BC First Nations Health Authority Chair and health sciences professor Jeff Reading promotes Indigenous health and wellness.

We help young people stay healthy. Professor Faranak Farzan and her research team at SFU’s eBrain Lab develop new treatments for youth depression and addiction.

We help young people stay healthy. Health sciences professor Paola Ardiles studies COVID-19’s impact on the physical and mental health of post-secondary students.

We improve public health. Sustainable engineering professor Zafar Adeel examines how expanding access to drinking water builds more resilient and healthier communities.

We lead health innovation. SFU’s ImageTech Lab uses sophisticated imaging tools to treat brain disorders.

We improve seniors’ care. Gerontology professor Habib Chaudhury studies COVID-19’s impact on seniors to help drive transformational change in long-term care.

We help health care professionals stay safe. Engineering professor Woo Soo Kim develops remote health care robots to keep health care workers safe from infection.

We protect against new viruses. Scientists at SFU’s Containment Level 3 Lab investigate antibody responses to viruses.

We help fight COVID-19. Geography professor Valorie Crooks maps COVID-19 risks in B.C. communities to support public health.

We advance health innovations. Computing science professor Martin Ester uses machine learning and data mining to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We find innovative ways to address the opioid crisis. Criminology instructor Alissa Greer examines how drug users themselves can help inform harm-reduction policies.

We assess strategies for preventing COVID-19. Math professor Paul Tupper and the SFU MAGPIE research group analyze the outcomes of key pandemic reduction strategies to determine best practices.

We help decolonize planetary health to benefit human health. Resource and environmental management professor Clifford Atleo advocates for an anti-colonial, anti-racist, reciprocal approach to addressing climate change and global health inequities in order to benefit human health.