Academic Women at Simon Fraser University was formed in 1988 with the goal of creating a network of female faculty. Academic Women is trans-inclusive. The group meets several times a year and communicates via an email list.  If you would like to join, please contact the president of the group. Currently, the president is Dr. Ele Chenier (they/them).

We are pleased to present our report on equity, diversity, and inclusion at SFU.

Click on the cover page below to read and/or download a copy. Questions? Comments? Email us at echenier [at]

In 2019 we undertook a comprehensive study at Simon Fraser University on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion (our report will be out July 2020). One of the things that emerged from that study is that women, in general, are asked to take on a disproportionate amount of service work. And they accept because they also have a hard time saying no. This particulalarly true of Indigenous, Black, and women of colour who provide essential support to marginalized students, and who are constantly called upon to serve on various committees. To support women in resisting the constant pressure to work more than our fair share, we held a workshop and out of that workshop came this video, which we called "Reclaiming My Time." We could have called it "Lean Out."

Interestingly, the whole idea of encouraging women to say "no" to requests for us to do more than is reasonable and fair caused a kind of backlash among some members. Speaking for myself, I think this speaks to just how deeply embedded our role as 'helpers' is in our gendered identities. What do you think?

-Elise Chenier


What is the experience of female faculty in pandemic times? We asked female faculty at SFU, and here is what they said: