Equity at SFU

In 2013 SFUFA and Academic Women made a request to the Vice-President Academic that an Equity Audit be conducted of SFUFA member salaries.

SFUFA and the University established a joint working group with a mandate to examine whether gender-based salary inequities were present at SFU. This prompted the creation of a Salary Equity Recommendation Committee, which completed its work in September 2016. Those recommendations can be found in the report here:


Academic Women, SFUFA, and the VP Academic are currently discussing ways to move forward in light of the Salary Equity Recommendation Committee's recommendations. We anticipate a community consultation phase in the 2017-8 academic year. 

Updates will be posted on this site.

Current information is also available on the SFUFA website http://www.sfufa.ca/salary-equity-agreement/