Research in the lab is focused on an integrated approach to the problem of syncope and falls. This has included the investigation of several homeostatic mechanisms related to the maintenance of sufficient delivery of oxygen to the brain during orthostatic stress. We have incorporated the traditional components related to syncope: Cerebral autoregulation and cardiovascular regulation (baroreflex) and to this traditional model we have now added the skeletal muscle pump through the postural control system. We have named this new integrated model as cardio-postural. This process has involved the development of new measurement, modelling and analysis methods to better understand syncope in humans. Presently we are conducting experiments to investigate: effects of weightlessness (space flight) and hypergravity (human centrifuge) on cardiovascular reflexes and orthostatic intolerance; and, the relationship of cardiovascular and postural controls with aging and with concussion. The lab is also collaborating with several international partners to advance the fields of seismocardiography and ballistocardiography which are capable of providing information on the physical/mechanical components of the heart and the cardiovascular system respectively. In 2012 we held the First International workshop in SCG and BCG in the Aerospace Physiology Laboratory. We will be hosting the second International workshop on September 9-10, 2016. Details will be posted soon on this website.