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A life-changing impact on future changemakers

November 14, 2023

Scholarships, bursaries and awards go a long way in supporting students to achieve their dreams and pursue their passions. This past year, more than 40 new funds were established to uplift students in their academic journeys, so that they can worry a little less about money and instead focus on learning, research and giving back to their communities. Below, we share some of the new annual and endowed awards that will positively benefit generations to come.

Check out this roundup of new annual awards that students can receive:

  • Alexis Unrau Memorial Graduate Award in Law and Forensic Psychology
  • Bacchi Kunwari Memorial Scholarship for Women in STEM
  • Brigitta Sun Memorial Graduate Award in Chemistry
  • Chris Welsby Experimental Film Award, held at Vancouver Foundation
  • Elizabeth J. Clogg Memorial Graduate Scholarship in History
  • Fort Capital Partners Graduate Scholarship in Invention to Innovation
  • Jason Wubs Leadership Award
  • Jeremy Stone Memorial Graduate Bursary for the Faculty of the Environment
  • Jitendra Kumar Mundra Memorial Award for deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
  • Dr. John Abreu Memorial Award in Mathematics
  • Jonathan X. Cote Leadership Graduate Award in Urban Studies
  • Kailash Kumari & Anand Narayan Memorial Award for Students with Blindness or Limited Vision
  • Krishna Devi Memorial Scholarship for Women in STEM
  • Laurie McNeil Bursary in the Faculty of Environment
  • PI Financial Corp Award in the Beedie School of Business
  • Ran Bi Bursary in Economics
  • Ratana Stephens Bursary for Indigenous Students
  • Ratana Stephens Graduate Award in the School of Resource and Environmental Management
  • Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation Award in Health Sciences
  • SFU Annual Bursary Fund
  • Simon Fraser Student Society Undergraduate Award for Black Students
  • Simon Fraser Student Society Undergraduate Award for Indigenous Students
  • Simon Fraser Student Society Undergraduate Award for International Students
  • Simon Fraser Student Society x WUSC Undergraduate Award for Refugee Students
  • Tenenbaum/Park Graduate Award in Human Geography

To ensure sustainable funding, here are some of the newly endowed awards that will keep giving in perpetuity:

  • Dr. Aimee August Award in Indigenous Language Proficiency
  • Anne Toby and Charles Kemp Scholarship
  • Arlene James Bursary in the Contemporary Arts
  • Boivie Family Award
  • Dave Sukhdip Singh Hayer and Marie Isabelle Martinez Hayer Bursary in Journalism
  • Ellen Loosley Memorial Graduate Bursary in Chemistry and Physics
  • Evelyn Pinkerton Graduate Award in Resource and Environmental Management
  • Nancy E. Joyce Bursary in Criminology
  • Dr. Ruby Peter Graduate Award in Indigenous Language Proficiency
  • Simons Foundation Canada International Travel Award
  • Special Collections Print Culture Research Award
  • Sumitra Devi & Girja Kishore Memorial Leadership Athletic Award
  • William B. Johnston Graduate Scholarship in Theoretical Computing Science
  • William G. Davidson Accounting Award

For students who are interested in learning more about SFU scholarships, bursaries and awards, please visit the SFU Awards Database. For graduate students, you can also learn more about internal and donor funded awards on the Graduate Studies page.

We are deeply grateful to our dedicated donor community. Your commitment has helped SFU students focus on what really matters—their education. To learn more about how you can give or set up your own fund, please visit the SFU Give site.