Internal + Donor Funded Awards

Internal and Donor Funded awards come from the University’s Scholarship, Bursary and Award funds, Academic Unit and/or Faculty budgets and the generosity of our donors. 

Students must meet the following basic eligibility:

  • Be registered full time in a research based graduate program at SFU while holding the award (note that you can apply for awards at any time, even if not registered)
  • Meet any additional eligibility or criteria specific to the award
  • Meet any additional criteria specific to the academic unit

Most awards are applied for in the Graduate Awards Application System (GA3). Award competitions are open in the spring; with student deadlines between May – June. Some units run additional competitions in the Fall and Spring terms — we recommend checking GA3 once per month for funding opportunities.

Apply for Awards

Some awards are applied for through the Graduate Awards Application System (GA3).

Apply now through GA3