Undergraduate Program

The Department of Archaeology in the Faculty of Environment is the only University department in British Columbia dedicated to archaeological research, training, and outreach. Department faculty and facilities support classroom and laboratory instruction in ancient and historical period archaeology, Cultural Resource Management, Museum Studies, Human Evolution, and Physical Anthropology. Considerable emphasis is placed on fieldwork, archaeological research, and theory and methods.

Archaeology offers several programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Certificate in Cultural Resource Management. Students must meet requirements for the BA degree or Certificate as described in the Archaeology section of the SFU Calendar, should take courses in a number of complementary disciplines, and are urged to seek advice from the Undergraduate Advisor for Achaeology and their instructors early in their university careers with regard to the structuring of their individual programs.

The Archaeology Honours program provides an opportunity for serious and promising students to pursue a year of intensive research directed by a faculty member and resulting in an Honours Thesis.

Students may undertake Joint Major programs in Archaeology and Anthropology or Archaeology and First Nations Studies. Students should plan joint programs in consultation with advisors from both departments.

Archaeology Student Society

Looking for more information on how to get involved in undergraduate student life at SFU? Connect with a dedicated group of Archaeology students as part of the A.S.S.