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Archaeology Spring 2022 Seminar

Brought to you by Dr. Jon Driver

Date Speaker Title
Thu, January 13
3:30 pm
Adam Rorabaugh, SFU
A Social Network Analysis of Traditional Labrets and Horizontal Relationships in the Salish Sea Region
Thu, January 20
3:30 pm
Natalie Munro, U Connecticut
The Late Natufian (11,500-13,000 cal BP) fauna from Nahal Ein Gev II and the emergence of agriculture in the Jordan Valley
Thu, January 27
3:30 pm
Christyann Darwent, UC Davis
The Inglefield Land Archaeology Project in Northwestern Greenland
Thu, February 3
3:30 pm
John Speth, U Michigan A Slow-Burning Crisis in Paleolithic and Paleoindian Studies:
Too Much Testing and Too Little Thinking About Underlying Assumptions
Thu, February 10
3:30 pm
Lauriane Bourgeon
A zooarchaeological and radiometric approach to understand the place of Bluefish Caves in the debate regarding the first people of the Americas
Thu, February 17
3:30 pm
Bryn Letham, SFU Deep-time Indigenous History and Landscape Change on the Outer Northwest Coast of North America
Thu, February 24 NO SEMINAR, Reading Break
Thu, March 3
3:30 pm
Scott Ortman, U of Colorado
Partnership Archaeology at K’uuyemugeh
Thu, March 10
3:30 pm
Ian Kuijt, Notre Dame
Neolithic proto-urbanism?: Reconsidering human demography and population pressure in the world’s first villages
Fri, March 18
10:00 am
Christopher Knusel, Bordeaux Çatalhöyük (7100-5950 cal BC): Social Violence and Early Vestiges of Social Inequality in the Western Asian Neolithic?
Thu, March 24
3:30 pm
Jon Driver, SFU Archaeological context and Paleoindian memory
Thu, March 31 NO SEMINAR
Thu, April 7
3:30 pm
Maria Nieves Zedeño and Francois Lanoe, U of Arizona

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