About Us

Photo courtesy of SFU SOCA.


The main purposes of the SFU Black Caucus include:

  1. To promote the recognition and acknowledgement of the Black and African presence at SFU, and their contributions to the University historically and contemporaneously.
  2. In furtherance of the University’s commitment to EDI:
    1. To support and facilitate the recruitment/admission, retention, academic excellence, and graduation of Black/African students at SFU.
    2. To promote the recruitment, retention, professional development, and career.
    3. Advancement of Black/African faculty and staff at SFU.
    4. To work with relevant University offices/bodies to address systemic and institutional barriers to equity and inclusion of Black/African faculty, staff, and students in all aspects of the University.
  3. To foster community among SFU’s Black and African faculty, staff, and students and alumni.
  4. To advise the University’s senior administrators, including the President, on matters related to Black faculty, staff, and students on campus.