About Us

Photo courtesy of SFU SOCA.

Statment of Beliefs

  1. Universities are colonial and anti-Black.
  2. Black faces in high spaces is not enough to dismantle systemic anti-Black Racism.
  3. Students face the brunt of the anti-Blackness on University campuses through lack of support, policies, programming and inadequate racially and culturally compatible/sensitive services and people.
  4. More representation is important across university spaces.
  5. Universities must establish policies to deal with racism without Black community members having to relive trauma.
  6. Pedagogy and Research around Black, African and African Diaspora needs to be increased within the University.
  7. Black students, faculty, staff and community members must be compensated for as additional labour expected to relive trauma.
  8. Black folks should be hired, promoted, resourced and compensated for work that they do in the University community, including for work that the University has shown that they don't have the capacity to solve.
  9. University leadership and governing bodies should ensure Black representation in order to meaningfully deal and have the voices of the Black community at the decision-making tables, and have meaningful antiracism policies and statements, backed up funding and resources to turn this into action.
  10. Black folks in the SFU community must have specific care and equity taken to them when it comes to data collection, supports, services, programing, and policy development in the University.