Summary of Review Process

The Board of Governors is thrilled to confirm that Dr. Joy Johnson will continue as President and Vice-Chancellor of Simon Fraser University until August 31, 2030.

The reappointment review process began in June 2023. In accordance with Policy B10.06, a reappointment review committee with representatives from Board of Governors, faculty, deans, administration, staff and students was established. The review process included broad consultation across the SFU community, including internal and external constituents, and a meeting with the incumbent. The reappointment review committee reviewed all feedback received during the feedback period. 

Following this review and a meeting with the incumbent, the committee voted to recommend to the Board of Governors that President Joy Johnson be reappointed. The motion was carried forward to the November 2023 Board of Governors’ meeting as scheduled and the Board unanimously approved the recommendation. President Joy Johnson’s second term is effective September 1, 2025 for a further five-year term. Contract negotiations and final approvals concluded in January 2024 and the news was shared with the community.