Board Members

Ms. Fiona K. Robin
Board Chair
Jan. 15/14 - Dec. 31/19

Ms. Anne E. Giardini, O.C., O.B.C., Q.C.
June 13/14 - June 12/20

Professor Andrew Petter 
Sept. 1/10 - Aug. 31/20

Mr. Mike Cordoba
Alumni Order-in-Council
Jan. 14/16 - Dec.31/19

Ms. Jill Earthy
Feb. 11/14 - Dec. 31/19

Ms. Angie Hall
Jul. 31/18 - Jul. 31/19

Dr. Anke Kessler
Faculty Member
June 1/16 - May 31/22

Ms. Sarah Lord Ferguson
Graduate Student Member
June 1/19 - May 31/20

Dr. Mary-Catherine Kropinski
Faculty Member
June 1/18 - May 31/21

Mr. Christopher Lewis
Deputy Board Chair
Dec. 31/14 - Jul. 31/20

Mr. Martin Mroz
Staff Member
June 1/17 - May 31/20

Mr. Jamie Stewart
Oct. 21/16 - Dec. 31/19

Mr. Ali Versi
Undergraduate Student Member
June 1/19 - May 31/20

Ms. Denise Williams
Alumni Order-in-Council
Dec. 31/17 - Jul. 31/21

Mr. Ian Forsyth
University Secretary

Ms. Valerie Rodden
Board of Governors' Assistant

Ms. Nicole Shin
Board of Governors' Assistant

June 4, 2019

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