Welcome! This educational resource focuses on northern Northwest Coast painted designs. It is inspired by Lyle Wilson’s exhibition “Paint: The Painted Works of Lyle Wilson,” which was conceptualized by Maple Ridge Art Gallery curator, Barbara Duncan and was shown at the Bill Reid Gallery for Northwest Coast Art in Vancouver, BC in 2013. These pages will provide an introduction to the artist, his community, and his art. It will also provide information about the links between oral history and imagery in Northwest Coast societies; the basic elements of northern Northwest Coast design; and traditional painting techniques.

A PDF version of each lessons can be found below. File Downloads include lesson instructions, printable works by Lyle Wilson, and printable images of Northwest Coast painted belongings. 

Each lesson contains a lesson introduction in the form of an educator's monologue. The educator's script is in "quotations"; directions for the teacher are in (brackets). Each lesson also contains an activity, lesson closure, and a list of materials you’ll need.

All painted works by Lyle Wilson on this site are © Lyle Wilson. Thses images are to be used for the purpose of education, research or private study. Any use of the image for a purpose other than education, research or private study requires the authorization of the copyright owner.

Please note that the Grade 4 to Grade 7 Lessons have not been designed as webpages, and are only available in PDF. 

Classroom Resources for K to 3

This resource was created for the Bill Reid Centre by UBC Teacher Candidate, Desiree Danielson with the help of Bill Reid Centre staff, Bryan Myles, Bill Reid Gallery co-curator Kwiaawah Jones, and UBC Faculty Advisor Alison Diesvelt. Oversight and permission for this resource was given by Lyle Wilson in 2013, and again in 2023. Additional informaiton has been drawn from the following works:

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