ímesh Mobile App

a step toward decolonizing

ímesh, meaning "to walk" in Sḵwx̱wú7mesh snichim (Squamish Language), is a mobile app developed by the Bill Reid Centre intended to be a step toward decolonizing the university and the surrounding landscape.

The goal of the app is to facilitate an embodied experience of the Indigenous art on campus, and to create a stronger awareness of the Coast Salish territories on which SFU is situated. Our intention has been to counter the dominant paradigm of settler colonial society with Indigenous perspectives and understandings. Doing so has the power to disrupt and bring about reflection, understanding, and respect that can serve to decolonize the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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The app features two walking tours and features a handful of Indigenous initiatives at SFU.

The app is currently available for download on iOS devices.

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SFU is making strides in recognizing local First Nations whose territories our campuses are situated on. Through this and many other projects, the university is becoming a forum for sharing Indigenous history, culture, knowledge, and experience. This project is intended to benefit all of Canada, which has much to gain from learning from First Peoples.

Production Credits:
Bill Reid Centre, SFU
SNF New Media Lab, SFU

This project was made possible by:
The Bill Reid Centre at SFU
SFU External Relations' Community Engagement Initiative
SFU Office for Aboriginal People