Indigenous Art Walk

Indigenous Art:

Indigenous art includes many different practices that have developed separately from the rules and principles of western art. Indigenous artists working today often draw upon the artistic traditions of their ancestors and combine them with international art practices. The resulting works are informed by the unique histories of the artists, and are the visual embodiment of a way of life and a way of knowing unique to that people.

Land is integral to an Indigenous worldview, but not just in the sense of the physical earth we walk on. In the context of Indigenous ways of knowing, land is a much larger and complex concept, and is better understood as a metaphor for the entire universe and what extends beyond it. All of the works you encounter here are alive with embedded metaphors, historical clues, and indirect references that present unique versions of the universe and what lies beyond.

Regrettably, each stop presents only a brief and partial introduction to the artist and the shared cultural knowledge that has informed their work. We strongly encourage the pursuit of further knowledge regarding the artists and the pieces that most strongly speak to you.

This web version of the app allows you to browse the various works included in the art walk. Each piece is located in the left navigation bar.