How do I create a Canvas Space?

Canvas Spaces allows users to create Canvas “shells” similar to course shells, but for general and non-academic purposes. Such extended uses can include student clubs/groups, research group collaborations and so on. Any user with an SFU ID can set up a Canvas Space; an SFU maillist can then be used to populate other members into the space.

  • Canvas Spaces can be created by anyone (students, staff and instructors). You can use these areas for student clubs, committees and other collaboration purposes.
  • You must set up an SFU maillist in order to populate / put other people into your Canvas Space. Only addresses can be added to a SFU maillist

1. Create a maillist if you haven't already done so. Create the maillist here.

2. Click Canvas Spaces near the bottom of the side navigation bar.

3. Click + Create New Space.

4.  Enter a space name [1].

5.Enter a description [2].

6. Enter the name of the mailing list you would like to add [3].

7. Click Create Space [4].

You will be taken to your Canvas Spaces area. You can click on the People link to make sure the maillist members have been added. Please note external accounts won’t be added.

Canvas Spaces allows you to do the following:

If you click on Canvas Spaces, you will see the name of your Canvas Space on your Canvas Spaces homepage.