How do I create student groups?

The first step is to create a group set. Group sets house the different groups within a course. When you create a group assignment or group discussion you would attach the group set to the group assignment to assign it to the groups within the group set.

1. Create a group set by clicking + Group Set

2. Name the Group Set

3. Choose whether you want to allow self sign up, have the groups automatically created or create groups manually. This example shows how to create groups manually.

4. Click Save

You can assign a student group leader to help manage a group within your course. You can assign group leaders automatically or manually. When students are assigned to be a group leader, they can manage members of the group and edit the group name. However, they cannot change the number of members in the group.

4. Click + Group to create a group. You will need to repeat this as many times as you need to create all the groups that you need.

5. You can drag students into the groups or click the + sign to move the student into a group


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