How do I integrate SFU audio recordings in Canvas?

You can add a link to audio recordings to your side navigation. However, just a reminder that some audio recordings are only available through Mediasite. Whenever that is the case, the instructor is notified in their booking confirmation about where the professor can expect recordings to appear.

1. Click on Settings on the left hand navigation.

2. Click on the Apps tab.

3. Click View App Configurations.

4. Click View App Center.

5. Type Redirect in the Filter by Name box.

You will see the following:

6. Click Add App.

7. Enter the following information in the window that appears. Here is the url to copy:

(Make sure you replace the course name, number and section no. with your course information.)

8. Refresh your browser or click Home to see Audio Recordings on the side navigation.


9. Click Audio Recordings on the side navigation.


10. Click Open in a New tab to see your audio recordings. 


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