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Men’s Health Project – Technical Background Reports

This project provides a description of some of the epidemiological findings related to men’s health.  It is meant to provide background to the “Improving Men’s Health” main report.  Findings related to the ten separate conditions described in the main report are reviewed here.  The conditions are:  prostate cancer, testicular cancer, lung cancer, sexual dysfunction, alcohol dependence, suicide, motor vehicle accidents, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and HIV/AIDS.  Where applicable, interest focuses on age and gender differences. 

Each condition is reviewed in a similar manner.  It starts with a brief review of points of interest or things that influence the estimates that follow.  The literature is then summarized and our best estimates of the one year incidence (which provides an estimate of the number of new cases the health care system might have to respond to), prevalence (the number of cases the health care system is currently treating in some manner), and mortality (the number of individuals dying from the cause, which often results in higher demands on the health care system than simple prevalent cases in the period before death) are presented.  We also look at potential years of life lost where possible.  Based on the findings we calculate the number of male cases the condition would create in BC in 2009 and in 2019 as a method of comparing the relative impact of these conditions on the population in BC.  Finally we present any relevant BC specific data we could find and use this as a check on the BC calculations. 

After reviewing the separate conditions the results are combined to examine the relative contributions of these conditions.  The final section of this report examines life expectancy in BC as an overall summary measure of health.  Here Health Authority differences are examined as a method for looking at intra provincial differences that might exist in men’s health issues. 

A separate report on life expectancy patterns in BC was also prepared. 


Men’s Health Initiative of BC


Men’s Health Initiative of BC

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Jones, W.  Improving Men’s Health:  Background Epidemiological Review of Selected Conditions.  Prepared for the Men’s Health Project and CARMHA, January 2010.

Jones, W.  Men’s Health: A Population Action Approach.  Life Expectancy in British Columbia.  Prepared for the Men’s Health Project and CARMHA, September 2009.