CEEDC maintains a number of databases that contain information on the Canadian energy system:

Energy, Emissions, and Intensity Indicators for Industry

Detailed database of energy use (in physical units and GJ); emissions covering CO2, CH4, N2O, process, and total GHG; production in physical units (e.g. tonnes of steel, metal ore mined, or clinker) and economic units (GDP and GO). Data is available by NAICS sector and individual fuels. Energy efficiency and emissions intensity indicators are provided to assess changes in industry sectors.


Innovative Energy Facilities

This database combines information on district energy, cogeneration, renewable electricity, and biofuel production. Data is searchable and interactive; instantly filter data about many of the most advanced electricity and thermal installations across the country. Different views provide a drill-down on specific technology types, while the full dataset can be easily downloaded for further analysis.


Biofuels and Biomass

A collection of data on biofuels and solid biomass from various sources: Statistics Canada, Navius Research, Ecofiscal Commission, and the US Department of Agriculture's Global Agricultural Information Network. The database focuses largely on liquid biofuels, but also contains some data on wood pellets, a key form of solid biomass.