CEEDC undertakes projects aimed at improving the accessibility and quality of industrial energy-related data in Canada. Each project has a specific objective and enhances CEEDC's annual database process. Project objectives are determined by CEEDC's goals and by requests of sponsors. Some of our projects include:

1) Industrial Energy and GHG Intensity Indicators (annual)

Indicators of energy and GHG intensity (i.e., energy consumption or GHG emissions per unit of output) provide information on how energy use and emissions differ between years, and can be used as a tool to influence future energy or climate change policy. CEEDC annually produces a time series of energy and GHG intensity indicators by industry (see publications section). Additionally, we regularly evaluate methods for calculating energy intensity for a group of industries, and evaluate methods for decomposing energy intensity into technological, structural and other aspects.

2) Renewable and Alternative Energy Database

CEEDC maintains databases on renewable electricity generation and industrial cogeneration sites in Canada. These databases are scheduled to be combined with out District Energy database into a harmonized Facilities database that will cover Renewable and Alternative Energies. Future additions to this database could include remote community energy facilties and bioenergy technologies.

3) Upgrading online access to CIEEDAC databases

We are planning a comprehensive upgrade to the online interface for accessing our various databases and information.