Funding process


Call for proposals

A call for proposals is made each year (typically in February), and a deadline for submission is determined. 


Proposal Evaluation

Proposals are evaluated in April/May by a committee comprised by faculty and staff from SFU’s learning and teaching, research, community engagement and external relations groups.


Proposal Acceptance

Offers of full or partial funding are extended and must be accepted within 7 days of the offer of funding.


Progress Report

A progress report on the implementation of your work is expected within one year of receiving funding at a time that makes sense for your community partners and you.

Evaluation turnaround time

All applications are reviewed in April and May, and our goal is to communicate results and offer funding in June of the competition year. Whether your application is successful or not, you will be contacted about the result.

Other sources of funding

We strongly encourage all applicants to pursue additional sources of funding concurrently, if/where permitted to do so—doing so will not harm your CEI evaluation, and it may strengthen a case where partial funding is under consideration.