General FAQ

I submitted my project description, why haven't I heard from you?

It typically takes approximately 4 weeks for the review committee to review all proposals, to make decisions and to be in touch with applicants.  You can expect a decision from the committee near the end of April.

How can I get funding for my project from SFU’s Community Engagement Initiative?

To receive funding from CEI, your project must meet the criteria set out in an active Call for Proposals as well as some general criteria


How much money does CEI provide for each project?

In its first five years, nearly $600,000 has been allocated in support of 99 community-university projects. The average grant amount has been $6,172.84 per funded project with projects funded in all faculties and in many service areas each year. The maximum funding available is $10,000 per proposal. For 2018-19, the total amount available is $120,000.


How can I find out if my project fits the criteria for a funding opportunity?

Detailed information about the process, the review criteria and how to seek out further information is provided in the Guidelines Document of each Call for Proposals. If you have additional questions, please contact Matthew Grant, Director, Community Engagement & Outreach, at


How many projects is CEI funding each year?

A complete list of CEI funded projects is available under the Funded Projects section.  Approximately 15-20 projects are funded each year.


What type of activities does CEI support?

1. Seed funding for new collaborative community engagement projects and programs

2. Seed funding for the development of programs or capabilities to support SFU’s reach to its communities

3. One-time costs to expand ongoing initiatives to other campuses or communities and to secure longer-term funding for activities

Can I meet with the review committee to discuss my project prior to being shortlisted?

No. The CEI review committee does not meet individually with applicants. If you wish to discuss your project prior to the shortlist process, please contact


What increases my chance of being funded?

Proposals that are aligned with SFU's Strategic Community Engagement Plan are highly ranked, especially those that strengthen relationships and partnerships with community and include robust opportunities for experiential learning and knowledge mobilization.

I've completed my project – are you going to amplify it?

We would be pleased to speak further with you about the story of your project.  If this is of interest to you, please connect with us at