Application tips

CEI Application Form (coming soon)

We are in the process of updating the application form for this upcoming round of CEI funding (2019-20). Please check back soon for more details. If you'd like to be notified when the new form and helper document are ready, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Do you have a budget code? If not, will you need a new one to be created?

You will be asked on the proposal submission form to provide the finance and budget codes for the account into which you'll recieve funds should you receive an award. Knowing this in advance saves signifcant time for us.

If you do not have a budget code yet, but know you are going to need a new one, the Office of Community Engagement will make the request for you. To facilitate that process, you will be asked to provide a name for the new account on the proposal submission form. 

Failure to provide this information may be grounds for rejection of your proposal, so please plan enough time to prepare this information before you submit. Thank you!

Have you consulted the SFU Strategic Vision and the Strategic Community Engagement Plan?

The CEI Application inquires about alignment with SFU's strategic community engagement plan and strategic vision. Please read those documents before preparing your application (they can be found below).

* StrategicVision.pdf
SFU's Strategic Vision

Who should tell the story of your project?

The application requires you to submit a short paragraph describing your project in readable, human and compelling terms. Consider in whose voice that story should be told? Often it is the community partners who best describe the work we're doing in terms that are relevant to others. When we tell the story of SFU's community engagement, if we're doing it well, then the stories should speak for themselves.

Your funded project will be publicly displayed!

When providing a story summary of your project, keep in mind that it will be publicly displayed on our website, and we may even promote it (and your project) to exemplify the amazing work that communities are able to do in partnership with SFU faculty and staff. So if you are going to name anyone, or provide identifying pictures, please ensure you have appropriate consent and/or releases to do so.

Got more questions?

If you have a question that is not listed above, read FAQ section.