Sarah Aufrere

Ph.D. Candidate
Earth Sciences
Simon Fraser University

Areas of interest

Volcanology & Geochemistry


Sarah is studying several dormant and active volcanoes, forming the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt (GVB) in BC. At the time, the dynamics of magma storage and replenishment beneath these volcanoes have not been constrained. However, understanding their past behaviour to forecast their potential future one requires tighter bounds on the timescales of magmatic processes that precede eruptions and on pre-eruptive magma compositions that feed them. As melt inclusions are tiny droplets of magma that conserve deep pre-eruptive information and as chemical gradients contained in zoned crystals can be treated as time capsules, petrological and chemical investigation (e.g. diffusion chronometry) of solid products on the GVB volcanoes (Mt Meager, ….) will therefore constitute the core of this project.