Summer 2016

Course Number Title and Schedule Instructor
CMNS 850-5 Directed Readings and Research Faculty
CMNS 851-5 Directed Studies Faculty
CMNS 855-5 (G1)

Special Topics:  Nature/Culture/Environment Communications

[Friday, 13:00 - 16:50, Harbour Centre Campus, room HC-1525]

Shane Gunster
CMNS 855-5 (G2)

Special Topics:  Digital Social Media

[Tuesday, 17:30 – 21:20. Harbour Centre Campus, room HC-1600][co-taught with CMNS 453-4, E1]

Linda Harasim
CMNS 856-5* Graduate Seminar:  [Mandarian Training]
[Friday 14:00 – 16:50, Harbour Centre Campus, room HC-3122]
CMNS 858-5 (G1) Special Topics:  Communication/Negotiation/Dialogue
[Tuesday 13:30 – 17:20. Harbour Centre Campus, room HC-1415
[Co-taught with CMNS 447-4]
Bob Anderson
CMNS 860-2* Graduate Colloquium in Global Communication

[Tuesday, 13:30 - 17:20, Harbour Centre Campus, room HC-2290]
Alison Beale
CMNS 880-5 Directed Readings and Research Faculty
CMNS 881-5  Research Internship Faculty
CMNS 882-5 Research Field Work Faculty
CMNS 891 Co-op Practicum I Marcia Shimizu
CMNS 892 Co-op Practicum II Marcia Shimizu
CMNS 894* MA Extended Essay [For Double MA Program] Faculty
CMNS 895 Comprehensive Examination Faculty
CMNS 896 MA Extended Essays Faculty
CMNS 898 MA Thesis Faculty
CMNS 899 PhD Thesis Faculty


*Global Communication Double MA Program Advisor: 

Dora Lau

Office/Tel: HC-3574: 778-782-9697