The Applied Communication and Technology Laboratory (ACT Lab) is engaged in research on the intersection between communication technology and cultural creation. It brings together graduate students, practitioners and researchers to study a wide variety of applications of advanced technology to education, community, entertainment, and the arts.


Created in 1997, the Assessment of Technology in Context Design Lab (ATIC-DL) is a research facility specializing in research related to the human dimensions of technological change. The ATIC-DL’s research work is based on the philosophy that technological systems are more than simply machines, and in order for technology to work properly, a wide range of human factors must be considered.

Critical Ethnography and Digital Heritage Initiative

The Critical Ethnography and Digital Heritage Initiative (CEDHI) is dedicated to designing innovative methods for safeguarding cultural heritage resources using digital technologies. With dedicated laboratory space with the School of Communication at SFU’s Burnaby campus, the CEDHI will respond to the urgent need for new strategies to document, preserve and control access to cultural heritage resources in art worlds and Indigenous communities. 

Emergency Preparedness Information eXchange Lab

The Emergency Preparedness Information eXchange (EPIX) is operated by the Telematics Research Lab in collaboration with the Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology and PolyLAB . The purpose of EPIX is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among Canadian and international public and private sector organizations about the prevention of, preparation for, recovery from and/or mitigation of risk associated with natural and socio-technological disasters.

Global Media Monitoring and Analysis Lab

The Global Media Monitoring and Analysis Lab is a unique and state of the art research facility for critical media analysis and assessment in a digitalized and globalized media environment.

Media Analysis Lab

The Media Analysis Lab provides a creative environment for learning about, analyzing and researching the role of mediated social communication. Its mandate is to generate a synergy between the critical analysis of media and their application in democratic public communication, particularly in the areas of education, advocacy and community development.

Sonic Research Studio

The Sonic Research Studio is the home of the World Soundscape Project (WSP)-an educational and research group established at Simon Fraser University during the late 1960s and early 1970s.