Dear Future Students,

Are you thinking of applying to Simon Fraser University's School of Communication? We hope you join our community as your continue your intellectual journey. Once here, you will learn from our esteemed faculty about the cultures, histories, technologies, and ideologies of the media and communication insfrastructures that shape our lives. We have many hands-on courses, including the new first-year CMNS 120: Creativity and Communication Across Media, which not only looks at content creation on social media platforms but also introduces students to virtual reality.

Your time as a student will go by quickly. At the School of Communication, you will grow as both a scholar and a person, so take risks in your studies; let your mind reflect on ideas it never has before. Your first year can be overwhelming at times, but remember we do not expect perfection, only courage, perserverence, and curiousity.

Explore our undergraduate program here or our graduate program here.

Welcome to the School of Communication!