Executive committee

Interested in joining? Already joined but don't know where to start? Click here for more information on how you can get more involved! All executive positions are available for self-nomination every year in the fall general meeting; all nominees should not be in their last year at SFU to ensure smooth year to year transitions.


  • Chair: Parker Tian
  • Coordinator: Mohamad Assari
  • Treasurer: Zhiyun (Richard) Peng
  • GSS Councillor: Mona Mehdizadeh (Fall 2021), Mugilan Mariappan (Spring 2022 onwards)
  • School Liason: Weilian Song
  • Secretary: Jeswin Prince James Amalanathan
  • TSSU Liason: Peiyu Cui
  • TSSU Stewards: Peiyu Cui, Sima Jamali, Sepideh Sarajian Maralan & Zhiyun (Richard) Peng


  • Chair/President: Weilian Song
  • Treasurer: Weilian Song
  • Communications officer: Sachin Kumar
  • Events and buddy coordinator: Mona Mehdizadeh
  • TSSU stewards: Sima Jamali, Mona Mehdizadeh, Alice Yue, Peiyu Cui, Mrinal Gosain, Abhishek Sundar Raman, Aishwerya Akhil Kapoor, Saba Akhyani
  • GSS councillor: Atia Hamidizadeh, Alice Yue, Aishwerya Kapoor, Mona Mehdizadeh


  • President: Alice Yue & Navid Rahimi
  • Vice president: Payam Nikdel
  • Treasurer: Alice Yue
  • Secretary: Elnaz Mehrzadeh
  • TSSU stewards: Sima Jamali, Mona Mehdizadeh, Arash Khoeini, Ehsan Hoseinzade, Andandraju Durairaju, Payam Nikdel, Atia Hamidizadeh, Reza Miraskarshahi
  • GSS councillor: Narges Ashtari, Arash Khoeini, Taher Ahmadi
  • Communications officer: Kumar Abhishek
  • President: Mohsen Katebi
  • Vice president: Kimia Kiani
  • Treasurer: Alice Yue
  • Secretary: Mugilan Mariappan
  • GSS councillor: Mona Mehdizadeh, Alice, Mugilan
  • TSSU stewards: Sima Jamali, Mona Mehdizadeh, Payam Nikdel, Mohsen Katebi, Ashkan Alinejad, Reza Miraskarshahi, Alice Yue
  • Events officer: Ashkan Alinejad
  • Communications officer: Neda Shokraneh
  • President: Nazanin
  • Vice president: Sima Jamali
  • Treasurer: Alice Yue
  • Secretary: Hoda
  • GSS councillor: Vahid, Amin, Alice Yue
  • TSSU steward: Mahya, Amineh, Vahid, Sima, Rohit, Madhur
  • Communications officer: Mahya
  • Social life officer: Mohsen