Get Involved!

Come to our general meetings :D

We hold a general meeting at least once per semester in the first month of each semester (check your email!). We invite all CS grad students (and anyone else interested) to come and propose ideas! If people like it and you get a majority vote, we'll help you fund it :)

Past ideas proposed include social events, academic talk series, lunchroom cleanings, amenity purchases, esports contests and equipment, and more.

Join Our Executive Committee!

We hold elections in the fall general meeting! Come and nominate yourself to a CSGSA executive position you're interested in. You get elected via a majority vote.

You can find a description of each position here.

Once you get a position, you're put in the csgsa-execs [at] mail list; ask someone to add you if not. If you're in, click here for everything you'll need to succeed.

Position spots
President 1
Vice President 1
Treasurer 1
Secretary 1
Buddy Coordinator 1
VP of Social Life 1
VP of Communication 1
Councilor 3
TSSU Steward 7

Organize an Event
Organizing an event is easy. We fund social, academic, and other event ideas that benefit CS grad students. Just come on over to our general meetings and propose it!

  • If you don't need funding, email us at csgsa [at] and we'll help spread the word :)
  • If you need funding, come to our general meeting and propose it; if a majority of the attendees vote in favour of it, we will help you fund it.

Volunteer to Help in Organizing an Event
If you can help with organizing events please send us an email (csgsa [AT] or give a shout out during our general meeting. Thank you in advance!

Send us photos!
Got some nice photos of events and the department to share? Send them to us (csgsa [AT], let's spread the love :)

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