Summer 2021 news

May 28, 2024


It is that time again, where we anonymously collect and address your comments, concerns, and suggestions on your graduate experience at SFU CMPT.  Please take some time to fill out the form below. Any feedback is of great help.

Feedback form:


SFU will return to campus @ 80% capacity in fall 2021:

What's changed?

To follow-up on our previous formal and informal surveys, here are a few things that your feedback has helped the department achieve:

Having trouble contacting CS admin? Try out:

Safety kits for return to labs:

the faculty have been made aware of your concerns during the school meeting and more avenues of information dissemination have been established.

For international students with visa issues, the university does not support immigration appeals; but the ISS ( will help students put together packages to support such appeals.

Have student input during budget creation: budget creation will be discussed during school meetings; CSGSA will disseminate this information to the student body during general meetings.

Is Slack available for students?: Microsoft Teams will be rolled out for everyone by the Fall. PhD milestones: milestones deadlines have been delayed by a year for PhD's without and MSc.

New PhD and MSc-thesis funding schemes should apply for current students on top of new students: this is currently not enforced at a department level; faculty have been urged to do so already but students will need to communicate that with their supervisor. As a make-up, the CMPT GF (graduate fellowship) has been increased to $8k.


Thank you :)

Alice Yue, on behalf of CSGSA (computing science graduate student association)


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