Who are we?

Women in Computing Science (WiCS) is a student-led society that aims to empower women in computing science by providing opportunities to build lasting connections with other women in tech and by supporting each other as we progress through our time at SFU!


women in Computing Science


women throughout their study of Computing Science


a strong network of friendly faces for women in Computing Science


the biases and myths faced by women in Computing Science

What do we do?

In pursuit of our goals, we organise professional networking events, technical workshops, outreach programs, and social activities.
We hold weekly meetings, plus a ton of other fun events (often with snacks!). Come say hello!

Who can join?

Everyone! We welcome people of all genders. For more information about WiCS, please see our Constitution

Who is a member?

Membership shall be open to all self-identified female* students in an Intended / Minor / Major / Honors / Graduate or Joint Program in Computing Science as well as any female who has taken a Computing Science course in the last three semesters.

Membership shall also be open to any female SFU staff and faculty, and can also be open to others than those listed above, such as individuals working in the technology sector in industry, government agencies or educational institutions as well as other individuals at SFU, such as non-female Computing Science students, staff, or faculty. These individuals must express interest as defined by attending at least two general meetings or events within a one year period at the sole discretion of the Executive.

* Including those who identify as female, non-binary, agender, and intersex.

How can we get in contact? 

Please reach us at wics@sfu.ca for any questions!💙