WiCS Common RoomπŸ’—

Where is the WiCS Common Room?

Our brand new common room is located at ASB 9933, past the sliding doors!πŸ•΅οΈ 

Access and Membership πŸ”

- The room is for WiCS members, i.e. those who identify as women and non-binary students in Computing Science.

- Non-members may accompany a member in the room, but the number of non-WiCS members in this room can not exceed WiCS members.

- Do not share the password with non-WICS members.

Behaviour and Etiquette πŸ˜Š

- Treat each other with respect; this space is intended to be safe for our members.

- Clean up after yourself, including the tables, fridge, microwave, etc.

- Be kind, polite, and considerate to each other. Keep conversation and behaviour appropriate.

- Noise level should not disturb others in the room or nearby (CS lounge, office spaces, atrium).