Institutional announcements

Faculty and staff gather for the launch of What's Next: The SFU Strategy

April 30, 2023

More than 250 SFU faculty and staff gathered in March for the virtual launch of What’s Next: The SFU Strategy. The event was an opportunity to learn more from senior leadership across the university and hear about the four priorities that will shape the university in the coming years: upholding truth and reconciliation, engaging in global challenges, making a difference for B.C., and transforming the SFU experience. 

Moderated by Janet Webber, Executive Director of SFU Public Square, the event began with opening remarks from President Joy Johnson, who outlined the extensive community consultation and engagement that resulted in the university’s new vision, mission, priorities and values. Vice President Finance and Administration, Martin Pochurko, was also present to speak about the implementation of What’s Next.

Co-leads from each of the four priority areas then discussed key initiatives such as the new SFU medical school, which is linked to making a difference for B.C., and student housing, which will support the priority of transforming the SFU Experience.  

Rummana Khan Hemani, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Students and International, spoke about how the SFU Strategy will support faculty and staff in addressing the changing needs of students both inside and outside the classroom. 

“Our students have changed a lot, so our services have to change and keep up. When I look at [What’s Next], I see lots of opportunities for more cohesion across the university in terms of services, and really looking at what students need and how we can deliver that together in a more integrated way.” 

Questions about how SFU’s Equity Compass and People Plan align with What’s Next were addressed by Yabome Gilpin-Jackson, Vice-President of People, Equity and Inclusion. 

“What's Next will provide the overall focus of where we're going to put our time and energy... we're saying yes to the things that we’ve heard from you are the priorities we ought to focus on, and the People Plan and the Equity Compass will work in tandem to support the faculty and staff experience and bring the values of equity and inclusion outlined in What’s Next to life.” 

As a next step, the priority co-leads will be kicking off discussions and setting up working groups in the summer. Moving forward, there will be town halls and other opportunities for the SFU community to learn about the strategy work in progress, offer suggestions and feedback, and hold leadership accountable to progress. 

A recording of the town hall is available here, and you can also read the full transcript.