Sabreena Delhon


Sabreena Delhon is a civic engagement and access to justice advocate. She has directed provincial research studies that examine public perceptions of the justice system. Results have informed the work of Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General and are required reading in access to justice courses at law schools across Canada. In 2016, Delhon conceived, coordinated and launched the first annual Access to Justice Week, bringing together government, community and justice-sector partners to examine complex issues such as digital inclusion, Indigenous child welfare and public legal education from new perspectives. This framework has since been adopted by regions across the country. Sabreena’s recent work has focused on supporting Canada’s emerging democracy sector. She is interested in exploring how institutions can evolve to support a democratic culture that is resilient and just.

Fellowship Topics

  • Fostering a resilient democratic culture post pandemic
  • Advancing access to justice in marginalized communities 
  • Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion across democratic institutions 
  • Research findings about low public trust of democratic institutions 
  • Systemic racism in public institutions 
  • Civic engagement and community organizing during the pandemic

Selected Media and Publications

Advancing justice: Human rights, poverty, racism, and Canada’s criminal justice system
Article | Podcast