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Roma Voices: A Film Screening of Suspino, A Cry for Roma

Romani (Gypsy) people, with ancestral ties to a North Indian homeland dating back to the 11th century, are currently the largest minority in Europe. In Canada, the Roma Diaspora has played a very important role in raising awareness about the human rights issues faced by Roma communities in Europe, as well as in assisting those who have sought refuge in Canada.

Set in Romania, where Europe's largest concentration of Roma are considered 'public enemies', and in Italy, where the Roma are often viewed as a public safety problem and relegated to living in camps, Suspino focuses on the plight of Romani people in today's Europe. The film was made possible due to the efforts of Julia Lovell, a Canadian Romani woman from Vancovuer and co-founder of the Canadian Romani Alliance. In this sense, Suspino embodies the growing links of solidarity between the Romani Diaspora in Canada and Roma groups in Europe. The discussion following the screening will examine the experiences of the Roma people in Canada, including their achievements in building solidarity, challenging stereotypes, and working to promote human rights for Roma in Europe and around the world.

Speakers Include:

Julia Lovell, Co-Founder of the Canadian Roma Alliance

Gina Csanyi-Robah, Co-Founder of the Canadian Roma Alliance


March 05, 2015


Room 2050
SFU Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings St, Vancouver


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