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Conversations that Matter: Bill Gallagher

March 17, 2016

Episode 77: Bill Gallagher

Natural Resources belong to First Nations and Enviros—Get Used to it!

Conversations That Matter features Bill Gallagher author of Resource Rulers who says while most Canadians seem unaware of the changing ownership of the country’s natural resources it hasn’t gone unnoticed internationally. Gallagher says, “President Obama basically said he’s not interested in our bitumen and we’ve got a group of Asian CEO’s saying they can’t get anything done in Canada” due to resource development stalemates.

Gallagher goes on to point out First Nations are, “the backbone of this movement. They have a long running winning legal streak, they are massively empowered.” Gallagher says the good news is First Nations want to do business with the rest of Canada and the world as partners.  He points out that working with First Nations brings with it social license and rather than gridlock, Gallagher says, “First Nations could ride into the rescue”.

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