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Conversations that Matter: Can Science Save Us

April 22, 2017

Episode 134 
Scott Sampson PhD
Science and why we need it more that ever

This week’s Conversation That Matters features Scott Sampson, PhD of Science World on the role of science in our lives, our economy and the opportunity BC has to be a global leader in research and development. Sampson points out, “we use science everyday for everything, it’s all around us, whether it's understanding the atmosphere or the iPhones in our pockets or the medical care we receive or the cars we drive or whatever it is. It's all based on science, but not many people think about that. They just sort of go through their lives using the things that are around them, not really realizing that there's a series of basic research, which then moves to technology which then moves to the marketplace.”

Complicating the process of acquiring ‘Social Licence’ is the nature of who will grant it. Curpen says it’s challenging, “this social licence discussion is the result, is the outcome of people not being satisfied, of people's expectations being higher, or of having to voice certain issues.” As a result the overall regulatory process can become unstable and oddly creates a situation where there is reduction of public confidence in the formal regulatory process.

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