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Cultivating Trust: An X factor for effectiveness

November 21, 2017

How do you shift from fear to trust? Join SFU Continuing Studies, SFU Public Square and SFU’s Centre for Dialogue for a social innovation workshop focused on cultivating trust to become more effective at work and in life.

Our world is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Daily we are bombarded with news and behaviours that disturb, threaten or upset us. Or we work with others who trigger and challenge us. In this climate, fear and contraction are a natural response.

At the same time, higher levels of trust correlate to higher levels of functioning in individuals, groups and organizations. It’s as simple as that. So how do we grow trust, and how do we restore trust when it has been broken?

In this experiential workshop, we’ll explore cultivating trust at three different levels: Self, Group and System. Along the way, we will tap into the frameworks and wisdom of Trust Theory and Process Oriented Psychology.

We’ll also practice Groundwork, Intuitive Writing and Flirts – three versatile inner work practices for gaining insights and responding well regardless of what life brings us. We’ll focus on embodiment as a way to deepen our learning and reflect on our own direct experiences to start the shift from fear to trust.

Come gain frameworks and in-the-moment practices for cultivating trust and showing up authentically, and build greater capacity to embrace trust as an essential guiding principle for your work and life. 

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