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The Citizen Dialogues on Canada’s Energy Future

July 27, 2017

Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue has been selected by Natural Resources Canada to independently design and implement five regional citizen dialogues as part of the Generation Energy public consultation.

The Citizen Dialogues on Canada’s Energy Future are an attempt to approach the energy conversation differently. This is a rare opportunity for citizen views to be delivered to decision-makers in government and other sectors. Results will inform pathways on Canada’s energy future.

During September and October 2017, these dialogues will engage 150 Canadians in a deep conversation on energy. Coming from different hometowns, perspectives and backgrounds, these randomly selected participants will sit down at the same table to learn about each other’s lives, ideas and aspirations.

The regional citizen dialogues will reflect Canada’s diversity and promote dialogue around difficult conversations on energy. These events are intended to produce high-quality citizen input into how Canada can balance energy issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, jobs and international competitiveness.

Together, participants will seek a shared path forward in shaping Canada’s energy future, informed by the best evidence-based information available and the spirit of curiosity.

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