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May 14, 2020

Exclusive Preview of Our Upcoming Beyond Inclusion Guide

Governments and organizations around the world are increasingly engaging the public to inform the development of policies, programs and services—however many groups of people remain under-represented in engagement processes due to systemic barriers and inequities.

On May 21st, we are excited to launch Beyond Inclusion: Equity in Public Engagement, a comprehensive new resource outlining eight principles to guide the meaningful and equitable inclusion of diverse voices to inform decisions across sectors.

Alongside real-world case studies and concrete strategies, the eight principles are designed to help practitioners adapt and respond creatively to emerging needs and diverse contexts, while upholding core values.

The ideas presented in this guide were developed through a participatory research and consultation process involving community members, engagement practitioners, and representatives from governments and civil society. While we began with a framework of inclusion, participants emphasized the importance of equity—building reciprocal relationships and sharing power with communities to co-create accessible and meaningful engagement processes.

The Beyond Inclusion guide will be available on our website starting on May 21st. To learn more about the eight principles and how it can apply to your work, join our interactive webinars.

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