Instructor Spotlight: Janet Moore

May 05, 2020

Janet Moore is a Professor of Professional Practice in the SFU Semester in Dialogue. She has imagined, designed and facilitated intensive, interdisciplinary courses that focus on community engagement, resilience, lifestyle activism, food systems, group process and urban sustainability. 

If you’re considering a Semester in Dialogue this fall, Janet will be one of three instructors you’ll be engaging and learning from every day. The Semester in Dialogue: Department of Living offers students a unique opportunity to explore how urban life can be envisioned differently to better support residents’ resiliency and community connections all while facing this pandemic. Students will take part in skill-building workshops, engage thought leaders in dialogue-archive and co-create innovative solutions to complex, urban issues.

Before you apply, get to know Janet from our Q&A Instructor Spotlight

What about the fall semester are you most looking forward to?

I love teaching in the Semester in Dialogue because I get to meet 20 students who are keen make changes in their communities and excited to learn new skills and meet new friends. I love the transformation that happens over the 12 weeks as a group and I look forward to watching the semester unfold. I am also excited this year to see how we can respond to the challenges of covid-19 by undertaking projects connected to city staff.

What is something you would like to say to a student who is contemplating enrolling the semester in dialogue-archive this fall?

Be open. I think students need to be open to new challenges and to meeting new people. Dialogue is about witnessing others life experience and listening deeply to people who may have very different ideas and perspectives than your own. Being open is key to a positive experience in the Semester in Dialogue. It’s also important to be kind to yourself and realise that you are going to have days where you were not as open as you had wished. Self reflection is also a big part of the semester. We learn by reflecting on what is working and not working and trying new ways of being in the classroom.

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