Semester in Dialogue Students Attend the 23rd Annual Healthcare Summit

October 23, 2023
Students engaged during the Healthcare Summit (Credit: Shari Virjee-Tanada)

On October 3 & 4, students of the Fall 2023 Semester in Dialogue attended the 23rd Annual Healthcare Summit at Coast Coal Harbour Vancouver Hotel, alongside health leaders from across the country. 

The conference theme was: The Future of Innovation, Personalized Medicine and Genomics. For some, this was their first conference experience and students' active participation was acknowledged and appreciated.

Devin McCrae, a 5th year Behavioural Neuroscience student in the program, shared this takeaway:

“The Health Summit has greatly expanded my perspective of healthcare, highlighting the growing integration of public and private sectors and the potential for adoption of technological innovation within medicine. AI [Artificial Intelligence] can streamline administrative tasks that otherwise devour patient-doctor time. This has motivated me, as an aspiring physician, to embrace technology to provide a more equitable, accessible, and overall improved patient-centered care. The Summit has left me hopeful for the future of medicine and my experiences there will influence my personal and professional life.”

Congratulations to Dr. Diane Finegood and students for making the most of the opportunity. Stay tuned for more from the Semester in Dialogue students who will host a Final Public Dialogue next month.

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