Dialogue Dispatch: May 30, 2024

May 30, 2024

Welcome to the second issue of Dialogue Dispatch. In this edition, learn more about community assemblies, listen to our podcast and more.

Over the last few months, the Centre has been deeply engaged in planning, research and on-the-ground projects to advance our vision of embedding meaningful citizen engagement in decision-making.

In particular, we have been designing and facilitating three Community Assemblies (also known in the field as Citizens’ Assemblies) this spring—convening groups of residents who are selected by an algorithmic lottery to broadly reflect the demographics of their community. In the City of Burnaby and the Town of Gibsons, these Assemblies are engaging in 5-7 weeks of deliberation to contribute to the development of their Official Community Plan, while in the City of New Westminster a monthly Assembly is being piloted as a new mechanism to regularly advise Council on a range of strategic priorities.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Community Assembly model and how it can be integrated in urban planning, check out the additional articles and resources included in this month’s Dialogue Dispatch. We're also sharing links to our podcast series exploring the meaning of dialogue and two upcoming conferences in Vancouver and Ottawa.

As always, we invite you to connect with us about news and opportunities for collaboration in your work.

In this edition of Dialogue Dispatch

  • Updates from the Centre including our community engagement work with the City of Victoria
  • Listen to our podcast Talk Dialogue to Me: Season One
  • What we're reading
  • Opportunities to connect at IAP2’s North American Conference and the Democracy R&D Conference in Vancouver

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