Launching our Podcast Season One: Weaving, Leading and Embracing Dialogue

April 04, 2024

Season One: Weaving, Leading and Embracing Dialogue of the Talk Dialogue to Me podcast is now available. 

Listen now as this season’s host, Shari Virjee Tañada, sits down with three Centre for Dialogue executive directors—two past, one present. Dr. Mark L. Winston, Dr. Laurie Anderson and Dr. Aftab Erfan each share a dialogue approach they take in their practices of teaching, learning, working, facilitating and connecting.

Episode One: Getting to Dialogue with Dr. Mark L. Winston

Shari and Mark dig into the difference between dialogue and other forms of conversation while also exploring dialogue’s place in deepening relationships and moving together towards a common purpose. What makes for meaningful dialogue? Is dialogue always the right tool for conversation? Listen to episode one to find out Mark's take. 

Episode Two: Leading with Dialogue with Dr. Laurie Anderson

Laurie shares his thoughts on leading with dialogue. Together with Shari, they journey through Laurie’s tenure as interim executive director at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue and how he’s learned to apply a dialogic approach to leadership.

Episode Three: Bringing our Whole Selves to Dialogue with Dr. Aftab Erfan

In the final episode, Aftab and Shari delve into the concept of bringing our authentic selves to dialogue. Aftab shares insights, tools and personal experiences on embracing authenticity both as a participant and as a facilitator. 

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