Welcome to Our New Website

February 15, 2024

Things are looking new around here! Welcome to an improved way of exploring dialogue with us. 

We're excited to launch an updated version of our website. Much is still the same but a few things have changed to help give you a clearer and more engaging experience.

A Dynamic Home Page

Our new and improved home page will be your regularly updated source to see what's happening at the Centre. You'll see at a glance an overview of who we are and what we do along with our most recent stories and free resources. If you sign up for our newsletter through the form below, we'll send you these updates to your inbox too.  

New Way to Access Resources

Looking for tools and resources to build your skills and knowledge in dialogue? Head to our shared learning section where you can search for resources and explore other ways to learn about dialogue such as our Semester in Dialogue program and other programs at SFU. We've also added a page where we explore what dialogue means to us and the communities we're a part of. 

Have feedback? We're always looking for ways to improve how you access our tools and resources. Let us know.

More Ways to Connect and Explore

Throughout the new site, you'll see many ways to extend your experience with our resources, initiatives and stories, such as:

  • Links to things like related posts, affiliated projects, team bios and more throughout the pages on our site
  • Categories and search filters where possible
  • Extended bios that explore the art and practice of dialogue for our team members

Coming Soon

Our work isn't stopping here! We've got more features and updates coming soon. These include:

  • Learning pages to dive deep into dialogue approaches
  • Season one of the Talk Dialogue to Me podcast
  • Videos that explore democratic participation and experiential learning
  • More stories, case studies, resources, events and everything else you're used to from us

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