Jacquie Dale


Jacquie Dale is a two-time national award-winner in public engagement and deliberative dialogue. In 2001, after 20 years in the voluntary sector, she founded One World Inc. – a firm specialising in public engagement and productive dialogue processes. A Certified Management Consultant, Jacquie is sought-after for her innovative designs, solid advice, management and evaluation of engagement processes. She is one of Canada’s foremost practitioners in the field of citizen and stakeholder engagement having designed and facilitated well 500 sessions over the last 20 years. She has also designed and delivered numerous training programs on facilitation and engagement to government and not-for-profits across the country.

Jacquie has considerable experience working with Government departments, voluntary sector organizations and foundations, from across the country, to deliver productive and engaging processes within tight time frames. She has worked on a number of initiatives that demanded a high degree of diplomacy and sensitivity including multi-jurisdictional, multi-stakeholder consultations. Jacquie has a Master of Management from McGill University and a Master of Environmental Psychology from the University of Surrey in England.