John Richardson


John is dedicated to using digital technology to advance participatory democracy. He is the founder and CEO of Ethelo, a certified B-Corp and provider of eDemocracy services to governments and organizations around the world. Ethelo was named the world's #1 digital democracy platform in 2020 and 2021.

Ethelo is powered by a set of powerful algorithms that John invented which empowers people to collaboratively solve complex and contentious group decision problems. Ethelo works in partnership with the eDemocracy Network, a distributed network of citizens working to impact and enhance political decision-making through digital democracy.

John's career focus is systemic approaches to social impact. In 2001 he founded Pivot Legal Society, which conducts strategic litigation on behalf of marginalized communities. Pivot focuses on creating legal change on issues of police accountability, sex worker and drug user rights, homelessness and mental health. John built and led Pivot for ten years, and it has become one of Canada's leading human rights organizations. During that time, he also led the establishment of Hope in Shadows, an annual photography contest and street calendar whose model has spread around the world.

A recognized human rights leader and innovator, John was awarded an Ashoka Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs in 2005.