Lama Mugabo


Lama Mugabo holds a BA in Communications (SFU) and MA in Community and Regional Planning (UBC). A Community Planner with a passion in Rwanda’s sustainable development, Lama is the founding director of Building Bridges with Rwanda (BBR); a non-profit organization designed to create a platform for collaboration between international volunteers and their Rwandan counterparts, who are rebuilding their society after the 1994 genocide. From 2008-2015, Lama led the GICD - Gashora Integrated Community Development initiative. BBR hosted more than 500 international volunteers from eight different nations. International volunteers and Rwandans worked on food security, nutrition and wellness activities. In 2019, BBR joined hands with Simon Fraser University’s Institute for Diaspora Research and Engagement (IDRE), to launch the Remember Rwanda 25 Legacy Project, designed to engage audiences in gaining a deeper understanding of Rwanda development model. Lama is a frequent guest-speaker on social and economic justice issues in the media.