Laurie Anderson


Dr. Laurie Anderson has 30 plus years of facilitation, leadership, teaching and process design experience in myriad roles and contexts. Prior to coming to SFU, Laurie was a teacher, principal, director and superintendent in the Vancouver school system. During that time, Laurie also facilitated the VSB’s Leadership Development Program, consulted on education reform nationally, facilitated leadership seminars in Hong Kong, China, Qatar, Thailand and Chile, developed curricula and taught at UBC and VCC; and co-developed and taught the VSB’s Adult Instructor Training Program for 25 years. Since coming to SFU, Laurie has facilitated planning sessions with diverse groups, including the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, the City of Vancouver, the DVBIA, and school trustees around the province. Laurie co-developed and teaches in SFU’s popular Masters in Contemplative Inquiry in Education. Laurie has a BEd, MA and PhD from SFU.